Cappings wax is part of what makes beeswax candles special.  Cappings wax is made from wildflower nectar........parrafin is made from crude oil.
a-beedandelion b-cherryblossom
Cappings wax is the fresh new virgin wax made by the honeybees, that the bees seal their cells with after filling them with fresh nectar. This wax is usually very light in color, with a lot of fragrance and is what candlemakers make their pure beeswax candles from.  For every 6 to 8 pounds of honey the bees eat, they secrete 1 pound of wax to build honeycombs for their hive. 
honey extracting comb extracting honey
This rare and valuable cappings wax is shown being cut off the edges of the honeycomb in the above left picture. The honey frame is being pushed against a special vibrating knife that slices off the cappings, this will expose the honey in the frame so it can be extracted.  The cappings fall below and are later drained of honey and melted and made into raw blocks of beeswax for the candlemaker.
honey extracting comb f-bulkwax

 This is the kind of wax we use at Honeyflow Farm!


History and Uses of Beeswax...
Beeswax was used by the Egyptians in painting and to protect the surface of painting in their tombs. The Greeks used it in making dolls. The Persians embalmed the dead with wax and the Romans used beeswax to model death masks and life-sized figures.

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