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beeswax candles, beeswax pillars, beeswax votives, beeswax tea lights

100% Pure Beeswax Candles
100% Pure & Natural from Honeyflow Farm
Pillars, Votives, Figurines, Hand Dipped Tapers!

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U-Pick Michigan Grapes

Pure Michigan Honey

We Welcome Winemakers
Jellymakers Juicemakers 
Seedless Grape lovers!

With Tons of Grapes to Pick!

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at the Vineyard
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The Vineyard


baco noir grape

cayuga grape

 We are the largest vineyard in Michigan that is 100% U-Pick and specializes in grapes for Home Winemakers.

There are more than 20 varieties of exciting new grapes for you to make wine from.

pails of crushed grapes

Step by Step Winemaking
Grape Recipes for the Table

The Honey Farm

Jugs of Honey 


We keep our honeybee colonies at 5 different farms (Bee Yards) in surrounding counties in SouthEastern Michigan.

Our honey is sold at a few selected Farm Markets, but most of our honey is sold at our Retail Farm Market Sales Stand in September or on line at any time of the year.



comb honey supers

The Beeswax Candle Shop

100% Natural Beeswax Candles 

Dripless Smokeless Tapers 
Discount Beeswax Candles
(Authentic Beeswax Candles are rarely sold in Retail Stores)  


honeybee on a dandelion

Why Beeswax? Made from the Nectar of Flowers!

Beeswax was one of the first ingredients used for making candles; recognized since ancient Roman times---and subsequently by many other civilizations--for its effective aromatic burning properties. (Beeswax burns very slowly and smells deliciously sweet.)



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From the Vineyard 

The cold weather has frozen all the leaves off of the vines and the vineyard is done for the year.  We will get back to pruning it in early spring.
We finally completed all of our winemaking for the season. 
We have some 5 gallon pails of frozen crushed and destemmed red wine grapes available to purchase. 
Your purchase will include wine making yeast, cambden tablets and basic winemaking instructions. 
Winemaking is fun and easy. Give it a try!

From the Beeswax Candleshop


5 beeswax ornaments




From the Honey Farm 

Chunk Comb
harvesting comb honey  
After a devastating winter of 2013-2014 we purchased and installed all new bees this spring. 
After a few troubling seasons most beekeepers this year had a pretty decent crop.  We specialized in comb honey this year and the honeybees produced a good amount. 


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