American Foulbrood Treatments - New Info about Colony Collapse Disorder - New Carniolan Queens Installed

packages aSpring is here.  We just finished installing new honeybee colonies to replace winter loss.
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When I was getting ready to check the bee yards I tried to order some Terramycin an antibiotic that beekeepers have used for the past 50 years to combat American and European Foulbrood.  I found that you now need a prescription from a veterinarian to obtain it.  At first I thought it was just more big brother interference in our lives - but it was to try to reduce antibiotics in our system.

Without treating with terramyin there may be an increase in American Foulbrood which is very contagious and will kill the honeybees.  A whole bee yard may be infected.  The only treatment is to burn the hives - so we may be going back to a lot to hive burning.

Upon more research, I found that when you stop using antibiotics, it changes the "gut" in the honeybees and they seem to winter over better.  This could affect Colony Collapse Disorder.  A very good article is below:

"The role of antibiotics is both good, and bad in honey bee microbia" -"



I purchased 3 Carniolan Queens from Lappes Bee Supply ($120).  They come shipped through USPS in small containers. I use them to requeen hives that I have found to be queenless - this year I put two of them in 5 frame nuc boxes for later use.

I like the carniolan queens because they are very resistant to disease and have good winter survival.

(Images are below if you have never seen them - click on images to enlarge.)

carny queen carny thumb


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