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  • I ordered several years ago. I really enjoyed the beeswax candles. My naturopathic doctor recommends beeswax candles over everything else. Thank you.  
  • I'm glad I found your website. I have asthma and was told beeswax candles are good for the air, since I always have candles burning. They are a little more expensive, but I'm sure they are worth it. I wanted to buy locally but couldn't find much in Ohio, and you are pretty close. Thank you for all the information on your site. I can't wait to start using beeswax candles. 

  • I was reading your article on how to make wine. Great info! You make it sound so easy!! Looking forward to visiting your establishment. Very convenient, as we have family in Dryden. My husband is currently in Saudi Arabia and can sure get bored. (he is assigned for 12 months) so, he has been learning how to make beer and wine. And I have Multiple Sclerosis,antioxidants help alot. One small glass of red wine daily. Anyway, thank you so much for the info!!          Take Care, Lisa 

  • Concord Grape Pie, Preserves, EVERYTHING - If your site is all about CONCORD GRAPES and what you can make to eat using them - then I think I have found a home! My Mom (and I) canned concord grape preserves, pie filling and jelly (not so much jelly though). every August in Cincinnati when I was a kid. All I have to do is think about it & I salivate!

  • Thank you for the advice and for the personal call this morning. I just completed the order on line.  I love your candles and your web site. There is something so pure and calming about burning bees wax candles. I'm so glad there are people like you still providing these products to us in these times. I hope you and yours have a joyful holiday and that the honey crop is better next year.
    Sincerely, Linda  Dec 2012

  • Hello, I have purchased your candles for many years now. In fact, yours are the ONLY candles we have in our house. Due to sensitivities to fragrances, your wonderful unscented candles allow us to still enjoy candle light. Plus the quality is far superior to candles you can purchase elsewhere. Angel Eve, 2013


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