Merry Christmas
Merry Christmas  

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Wish you a Merry Christmas...
May your day be filled with love and smiles.
  Merry Christmas
Merry Christmas

Hello Honeyflow Farm,


Bird Scene Pillars

Beeswax Bird Scene is one of our most popular pillars - ($31.25) 
This is a beautiful pillar with birds embossed on the side. (3 inches wide x 9 inchs tall)
We also have an Eagle, Turkey and Hummingbird pillars.


Pillars for Christmas

pillars a

Large Beeswax Candles - Round Pillars

Our Pure Beeswax Large Round 3.5 inch wide cylinder pillars are available in 4 sizes, 3, 6, 9 and 12 inches tall.

The pillars are hand made with old fashioned style metal molds rather than the newer 3 inch plastic molds. It takes at least 24 hours of pouring, cooling & manipulation to create just one of these candles.

A larger square braided cotton wick is used in our beeswax cylinder pillars allowing the proper amount of wax to be fed to the flame. With this process we end up with a larger and longer burning candle.  Check them out...


Christmas Ball Candles

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Beautiful Beeswax Christmas Ball Candles

Our Large Christmas Ball Scene candles are one of our most popular items during the holidays. The wick for this candle is one size smaller than other candles of this size. This allows the candle to burn down the center and illuminate the embossed scenes on the sides.
Available in:
  • Fireplace Scene - ($30.75)
  • Cabin on Road Scene - ($30.75)
  • Cabin and Moon Scene - ($30.75)
  • Church Scene - ($30.75)
  • Purchase a set of all (4 for $100.00)

Check them out...


Pails of Frozen Grapes

Frozen pails of crushed grapes! Great for the winemaker, jelly juice or jam.
crushing grapes
These pails were picked in late October 2017.    The pails are NOT PRESSED JUICE, but crushed and de-stemmed grapes, frozen, ready to ferment. They hold about 40 lb (1 bushel of grapes) and will make 2 - 3 gallons of wine.
You thought your spouse was through with winemaking for the season.   Surprize him (her) with a pail of grapes...
The weather is near freezing and it is easy to hide a frozen pail in the garage or barn until Christmas.
They CANNOT BE SHIPPED - SPECIAL ARRANGEMENTS WILL BE MADE FOR TIME OF PICKUP, you must select "local pickup" when ordering.


We thank you very much for your business and wish you a Merry Christmas Season!

Bill & Pat Schnute
Honeyflow Farm

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