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winter vines

2017 is here, the vines and honeybees may be resting, but we are busy planning for a very exciting year!


New for 2017

 Many new things in this coming year - take a closer look. 

  • Farm site has new look! (We did the Candleshop last year)
  • Votives & Tea lites on sale
  • 200 New Niagara, Marquis and Lakemont vines purchased and will be planted in the spring.

A few months ago The Beeswax Candle Shop website (The e-commerce store for Honeyflow Farm) was given a new look.  We have also changed the site security for every page. (Not just when you checkout)

"You can be confident in knowing that is a verified Authorize.Net merchant."  - see it live...


Now the Honeyflow Farm site has a new look! - see it live...



The Beeswax Candle Shop

Things are always changing in the candle business.  We are constantly experimenting and trying new things.

A few years ago we reduced the size of the wicks in our tea lites to make them burn longer.  A side effect of this appears to be a slight increase in "mushrooming", the cap that sometimes ends up at the top of the wick.  Usually it burns off but sometimes it is larger.

We found that increasing the size of the wick slightly allows it to burn away quickly and we will continue with the new wicks using the same wick size as in the votives.

If you want to try our new tea lites they are now On Sale - along with our votives! 20% Discount!

2tea-pack votives

 Click here...


The Honey Farm

Bulk Honey Shipped Directly to Your door
Just one Click Away

(check out all the rest of our blogs)

  • Many people have purchased a box with 3 - 5lb of honey (15lb) shipped to their door using a USPS FLAT RATE BOX.
  • We can now use the same style of box to ship a rugged 1 Gallon (12lb) jug of honey!
  • You can also order and pickup the more economical jug right at the farm - or it can also be shipped UPS (if that is cheaper for you)

3 ways to purchase Bulk Honey

5lb a Gallon Jug a


3-5 lb Jugs


1 Gallon 
Heavy Duty Jug
12 lb


1 Gallon Round
Economical jug - 12lb

$59 + UPS Charge
UPS or Pickup

Below are some interesting honey related articles:

One of our contributors submitted this short piece on Honeybees and Labeling.

Beekeeping and Honey Labeling 101


The Vineyard - Frozen Crushed Grapes

200 Niagara, Marquis and Lakemont vines were purchased and will be planted in the spring.  The Marquis and Lakemont White Seedless will replace missing vines and also add a new row of seedless vines in the front of the vineyard.  The Niagara will finish the conversion of the Delaware rows to Niagara and also establish a new Niagara row near the seedless vine area.
Frozen pails of crushed grapes!  
Make some New Years Wine!
The pails are NOT PRESSED JUICE, but crushed and de-stemmed grapes, frozen, ready to ferment. They hold about 40 lb (1 bushel of grapes) and will make 2 - 3 gallons of wine.
Right now we have some Niagara and Concord available at $50 each in our freezer.  These are great for wine, jelly, juice or jam.
They CANNOT BE SHIPPED - ARRANGEMENTS WILL BE MADE FOR TIME OF PICKUP, you must select "local pickup" when ordering.
I recently ordered some wine supplies from and they have some great winemaking articles on their site - here are a few of them:


Please visit our site and keep up to date about what is happening during the season. Every change in weather creates exciting new growing opportunites and activities at our farm.

Sincerely, Bill & Pat Schnute -| contact us

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