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winter vines




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winter vines 

2016 is here, the vines may be resting, but we are busy planning for a very exciting year!


New for 2016

 Many new things in this coming year - take a closer look.

  • New Flat Rate Shipping on Candles...
  • Pruning Changes...
  • Hopefully Better Bee Survival...
  • Permanent Price Reduction on Tea Lites and Votives...

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The Beeswax Candle Shop in 2016

Some big changes have been made to our shipping system this year.

All candle orders will now be shipped for a Flat Rate of only $8.95 - with Free Shipping at the same $150 level.

You can even ship up to 6 heavier items like honeybears, 1lb and comb honey for the $8.95 Flat Rate Fee.  If you need larger quantities of these or large containers such as gallons a regular UPS/USPS fee will be added.


We did not like seeing high prices on some beeswax items on some sites - so  now there is a PERMANENT 5% DISCOUNT ON TEA LITES AND VOTIVES! 



The Honey Farm in 2016

wrapped hives

A Farmer must be an optimist I listen to weather forecast of an "El-Nino" winter, warmer than the last two devastating winters - so we are hoping we have better honeybee winter survival than the last two years. 


They went into winter treated with "thymol" (better known as the herb "thyme") and were completely wrapped with the same bubble wrap that we ship your candles in (except that it was black to absorb heat) and then wrapped with plastic pallet wrap for more security.  There is still an upper and lower entrance in the front for the bees.


I probably will be purchasing some more packages or nucs in the Spring but I will need to check out this years bee next month.

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News from around the Web:

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The Vineyard in 2016

The Vineyard is a little dormant in January of 2016 Cool


Pat and I just received a really neat Christmas present from a fellow winemaker at our church.  It is a handmade hot plate using re-cycled corks. He makes these in his barn.


If the weather holds to the reports, we will have a milder winter than the last two.


Two years of devastating low temperatures in the winter had severely damaged the trunks of most of our vines.  We did minimal pruning for two seasons (hoping for a crop) and are looking forward to a normal pruning season. 


Pruning grapes is all about leaving the proper amount of buds from last years growth on the vines. These are the buds that will grow fruit this year.  We were not seeing many live buds at all last spring so we did minimal, or no pruning on most of the vineyard. It did give us a partial crop on some rows.


It is not pleasant for a grape grower seeing his vines that messy and I am very eager to get them back in shape.


We have already started cutting out dead trunks last year and most of the vines have sent up new shoots.  We will save 2 -3 nice canes off of these vines and tie them up to the wire.


marechalfochNew Section!

(each newsletter will focus on a different variety)


Varietal Focus From Winemakers Magazine
"Marechal Foch"

Tips, techniques and a recipe for this cold-tolerant hybrid.


Please visit our site and keep up to date about what is happening during the season.


Every change in weather creates exciting new growing opportunites and activities at our farm.

Sincerely, Bill & Pat Schnute


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