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Lots of grapes are ready to pick this weekend.

Grapes for White Wine, Red Wine, Jelly or seedless!


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tractor vines Tractor working in a very tight row - Preparing vines for Harvest!




Vineyard and Honey Farm Opens Sept 2, 2016

Come visit us on weekends
Fridays, Saturdays and Sundays only - 9:00 to 6:00

September to Mid October

4939 Mill Rd - Dryden, Michigan 48428

 sales stand1

Our Sale Stand is not very fancy - but we have plenty of U-Pick Grapes, Honey and Beeswax Candles ready for you.

stand ray

stand robyn

Ray, Robyn or Bill top photo) will be there to help you.

Grapes and Honey are On Sale this year - Prices Cut!


The Vineyard at Harvest


U-Pick Grape Prices for Fall 2016

We have a large crop this year and want to pass some of Natures Bounty on to our customers.

Over 20% discounts with large volumes on last year's prices.

Our grape prices are designed for winemakers. Just a few more bushels at every level can increase your discount. Friends can join together to get a better rate.  Every visit to the vineyard this year will decrease your cost.   

1 to 20 lb  Table Grapes .95
20 to 60 lb  2-5 gallons wine .90
60lb - 1.5 bushel  4-5 gallons wine .85
120lb - 3 bushel  8-10 gallons wine .80
 200lb - 5 bushel 13-20 gal wine .75
 300lb - 7-8 bu 19-25 gal wine .70
 400lb - 10 bu 25-35 gal wine .65
 500lb - 13 bu 30-45 gal wine .60 
 600lb - 15 bu 40-50 gal wine .55
 1000lb - 25 bu  65-90 gal wine .50

 The above gallon rates are based on 12lb/gallon of wine.

For white wine you may need about 14 -16 lb/gallon.

Click here to see what is ripe this weekend....

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New Section!

(each newsletter will focus on a different variety)


Varietal Focus on "FRONTENAC"


red-grape2-s Ripens mid September  --  A new hardy red wine variety from Minnessota- very popular with winemakers, has a slight "cherry" overtone.

redwine-icon  Usage Notes  -- Frontenac makes a big, red wine whose aroma and flavor are dominated by cheery notes, with lesser hints of blackcurrant and general red fruit.Other flavors noticed are notes of grass, green bean, evergreen, tar, and even chocolate.

The main consideration in making Frontenac wine is the high initial acidity, which should be lowered in making most wine styles.  This is usually done by:  adding water to dilute, malolactic fermentation, adding potassium bicarbonate, and chill proofing to remove excess tartaric acid. All 4 practices may sometimes be needed. (some text is from Mitchell Vineyard)

Some very good Frontenac winemaking recipes are on the Mitchell Vineyard website....

"The Straight Talk On Acid Testing Wine" from E. C. Kraus...

More on our Frontenac Grape Info Page...

Click here for Frontenac winemaking info .....

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(Turn your audio up to hear the bird alarms - it sounds like a jungle) 


Pat feeds the birds up at our house - we even have some nice new hummingbird feeders.

We love to see birds, BUT NOT IN THE VINEYARD!   Click here to see how we keep the birds out....


The Honey Farm at Harvest

Honey Prices for 2016
Pickup at our Vineyard Location

Annual Fall Honey Sale
Starts September 2



NEW!    5% Wholesale Discount from last year on Quarts-Gallons-Pails.
These Prices are only in affect Once a Year
when our Sales Stand is open From September to Mid October.

Pick up Only - Stock up for the year!

Click here for Newsletter with Prices...

Size Normal Price
(last year)
 Sale Price     Customers Effective
1-3 (3lb) Quarts $16.00 ea $15.00 ea      $5.00/lb
4-11 (3lb) Quarts $14.60 ea $13.80 ea      $4.60/lb
12 or more (3lb) Quarts $13.80 ea $13.20 ea      $4.40lb
1-3 Gallon Jugs  (12lb) $54.75 ea

$52.00 ea

4 or more Gallon Jugs  (12lb) $54.25 ea $51.50 ea      $4.30/lb
5 Gallon Pail (60lb) $270.00 ea $255.00 ea      $4.25/lb

  The above Quarts are only available for pickup at our Sales Stand and cannot be purchased on line.  However (for our outstate customers) the Gallon Jugs are on Sale On Line for $52 until Mid October when the Vineyard closes for the season.

We also will have Creamed Honey, Comb Honey, Honey Sticks and our Observation Hive!

Please Forward this to all your Friends who are looking for good prices on honey!

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 observationhive a

Observation Hive ...  Did you ever wonder where the honeybees put all that nectar in those wooden boxes (hives) that beekeepers use?   Our observation hive has plastic sides, safely keeping the honeybees in, while you watch them storing pollen and nectar.   Sometimes you may even see the queen bee laying eggs.   Come see nature at work. 

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What's in the News from CATCH THE BUZZ 
(Catch the Buzz are articles of interest in the beekeeping community - I get them from a daily email)

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Larry Adams aLarry Adams is dedicated to Public Service and Restoring the Community.

One of our customers stopped by last month and made quite an impression.

Larry spent most of his life in the Marine Corps as an electrician - now he is Director of Environmental Stewardship at Walnut Way Conservation Corp -- www.walnutway.org.

Walnut Way Conservation Corp. (Walnut Way) is a 501(c)3 nonprofit neighborhood organization founded by residents in 2000. Its offices are located at 2240 N 17th Street, Wisconsin in a carefully renovated, formally infamous drug house. Understanding the importance of valuing place, residents restored this 1910 house, slated for demolition into an active Center where youth, families, elders, homeowners and renters participate in community development.


 "Our mission is to sustain economically diverse and abundant communities through civic engagement, environmental stewardship, and creating venues for prosperity."


The Beeswax Candle Shop in the Fall

Cute and Cuddly Animals On Sale This Fall
20% Discount

Beeswax Hound Dog

Beeswax Kitten Beeswax
Frog Beeswax Baby Bear
Hound Dog 

Now $16.60



Now $12.20


Now $15.80

Baby Bear


Now $6.20

Click here for info...



Please visit our site and keep up to date about what is happening during the season. Every change in weather creates exciting new growing opportunites and activities at our farm.

Sincerely, Bill & Pat Schnute


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