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 A Quick Look in this issue....

Spring freeze affects crop size this year - check our ripening updates...
+ Niagara and the other White Wine Grapes
+ F
och, Frontenac and the Other Red Wine Grapes
How to Create a Perfect Winecellar
Great Price on Honey this Year!

Making Early American Style Hand Dipped Beeswax Tapers


News from the Vineyard

The Vineyard is open now on Fridays, Saturdays & Sundays ONLY until about mid October.

A late spring frost froze a lot of the new grape buds off this year. Fortunately, the vines have secondary buds that created another crop, slightly later and smaller volume, but the hot weather has made ripening dates almost normal.

 crushing a

We have a crusher- de-stemmer (NOT A PRESS) available for you to use for free. Make sure you bring a pail to take your crushed grapes home in.




U-Pick Grapes

1lb - 39 lbs  -  1.00/lb.
40lb - 199 lb -  .90/lb
200 lb - 499 lb -  .75/lb.
500lb - or more -  .65/lb.



niagara05a + Niagara and the other White Wine Grapes

Niagara grape wine is one of my favorite white wines.  It is easy to harvest (the clusters are big and juicy), and easy to make wine from.  I Think of it as a Eastern version of Moscato.  It has a very nice grapey flavor (think Welches white grape juice) - Read the article...



marechalfoch06+ Foch, Frontenac and the Other Red Wine Grapes

Marechal Foch, Frontenac and DeChaunac are our main wine grapes - along with Concord for the Concord Wine lovers.  + Marechal Foch - Small clusters of black, medium sized berries. Outstanding burgundy type red wine without blending ​. Very good quality red wines have been made from Foch at wineries in Michigan and elsewhere.Read the article...



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The Farm is open now on Fridays, Saturdays and Sundays only from 9:00 to 6:00
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News from the Honey Farm

Great time to come out and stock up on your honey supplies for the year.

 stand honey a


Great Price
on Honey this Year!

WHOLESALE Raw Honey Price
(This Special Price is only available
when our Vineyard is open)

1 Quart (3 lb) = $15.00
4 or more Quarts = $14.50 each
12 of more Quarts = $13.75 each
1 Gallon (12lb) = $52.00
4 or more Gallons = $51.50 each


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News from the Candle Shop
   Making Early American Style Hand Dipped Beeswax Tapers 


tapers slideshowOur Beeswax Tapers are one of our Trademark items. Our Hand Dipped Tapers Image Gallery shows how we make them. It shows every step in our candle making process when we make these Colonial Style Beeswax Candles.


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