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 A Quick Look in this issue....

  • Cold winter temps caused a slight bit of damage in the vineyard...
  • New vines to be planted in vineyard...
  • Lots of soap left from holidays...
  • New website on Amazon...


News from the Beeswax Candle Shop





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soap2Lots of soap left from Holidays 


Our soaps are all hand made without the synthetic dyes and fragrances that are in most commercial soaps.
They are made from vegetable oils using a centuries old process called the cold batch method which retains the skin softening effects of natural glycerine.
Glycerin is a humectant, which means it draws moisture to your skin, it is a natural product of cold processed soap; however Commercial soap producers remove the glycerin and replace it with synthetic chemicals. Cold processed soap retains all of its natural glycerin.

When pure honey is added to the soaps, the honey adds a golden brown color and makes a wonderful lather.

Our Organic Honey Soaps are available in:Honey Almond Oatmeal & Lavender.  

Our Beeswax Honey Soaps are available in:Beeswax & Honey in Natural, Mint, & Lucious Lime

$9.00 each bar or 3 or more bars for $8.00 each.

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Opening date of Farm in Fall is  either
Friday August 30th or Friday Sept 6 depending on ripening conditions.
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amazon siteNew Amazon Page...

We have been putting a few or our candles on Amazon during the past year.
Take a look at it - although due to the Amazon Fee structure our prices may be better on our personal site. (And no free tealites on Amazon)






News from the Honey Farm
I just finished checking most of my honeybees and found many of them did not make it.  Fortunately we had ordered package bees and installed them.
package bees
Saskatraz Queen BeesI found some nice stong colonies in one yard and will split them in May.  I ordered 3 Saskatraz queens from Lappes Bee Supply for my splits. Notice how the queen is much darker than the golden yellow Italians that most people use.
honeybee decline
Rapid decline in honeybee population 'unsustainable,' experts say...

 worker bees



Safe For Bees And Beekeepers?

By Ross Conrad


These findings have been supported by additional research which found that “GLY at concentrations found in agro-ecosystems as a result of standard spraying can reduce sensitivity to nectar reward and impair associative learning in honey bees.” (Herbert et.al., 2014)
News from the Vineyard
Cold winter temps in January  caused a bit of damage in the vineyard - but I am still seeing good growth on these sensitive varieties.
We just planted more "Steuben" grapes.  Steuben is a beautiful blue table grape that also makes very good wine.
Most of our Spring Pruning has been completed. Vines pruned and tied to the wire - a lot of wet weather this pruning season.  Check out some of our pruning crew pictures...
Buffalo - Foch Wine
5bushelsLast fall Mark (my son in law) along with a few of his friends picked 3 bushels of buffalo and some foch grapes.  Recently his friends came over and picked up some of the wine.  It was very good. 
All we did was pick and crush the grapes, added wine yeast and pressed the must  a week later, then 12 lbs of honey was added at that time.  The wine was great with a little residual sugar left.
On a different note - unplanned things always happen!
I had a medical issue I had to deal with in the spring and some weed control did not happen, so you may see a few more weeds in the vineyard in the fall.
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