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Holiday Specials 
Through the end of the Year!



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 Exclusive Offer!
Free Shipping on Orders Over $75 

Free Beeswax Tree Ornaments With All Orders

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We are Different than other 
Christmas Candle Shops

We want to decorate your Christmas Tree with Discount Free Beeswax Candles!


For every $25 of product ordered, we will AUTOMATICALLY include a FREE BEESWAX CHRISTMAS TREE DECORATION!



(Some heavy objects, like cases or gallons of honey are excluded from this)

NOTE - If you would prefer to have tealites, like we have done in previous years, you will be able to do so when you order and check out, just mention it to us in the comments area when you checkout.

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 New Items on our Christmas Decorations Page

 cross 3

We have Many Decorative Beeswax Candle Christmas Tree Ornaments in various selections.

NEW! Buy a set of 4 Crosses and a Note ($10.25)
NEW! Buy a Huge Bulk Bag of 24 Beeswax SMALL Crosses -  30% Discount  ($28.70)

Buy a Huge Bulk Bag of 12 Beeswax LARGE Ornaments -  30% Discount  ($36.25)

Buy a Huge Bulk Bag of 24 Beeswax SMALL Ornaments -  30% Discount ($28.70)

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Tapers are one of our "Signature" Items sold on our site.

 beesawx tapers


 12 inch - 1 pair ($10.95)
 1 Bulk Pack of 24 ($118.25) (save 10%) - 4 or more @ ($106.40) 
(save another 10%)

holiday  holly

Beeswax Christmas Trees

Perfect gift for the Holidays
 3 Sizes to choose from!
holiday  holly

These triple wick pillars are some of the largest we have.

3 wick beeswax cylinder pillars 3 wick beeswax rectangle pillar

Our beeswax pillars are hand made with old fashioned style metal molds. It takes at least 24 hours of pouring, cooling & manipulation to create just one of these candles.

 Larger square braided wicks are used in our cylinder pillars allowing the proper amount of wax to be fed to the flame. With this process we end up with a larger and longer burning candle

3 inch wide x 6 inch tall beeswax triple wick round pillar - $42.00
6 inch wide x 6 inch tall beeswax triple wick round pillar - $74.00
3.5 X 3 X 6.5 inch beeswax Rectangle Block Pillar - $34.95

 More images and to order...

holiday  holly

Large Beeswax Lords Supper Pillar  

 A beautiful, large candle (7 3/4 x 3 3/4 inches wide by 5 inches tall) with the Lord`s Supper embossed on one side and Praying Hands embossed on the other.
3.5 lbs of beeswax!  ($49.50)
holiday  holly
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