Merry Christmas
Merry Christmas  

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Wish you a Merry Christmas...
May your day be filled with love and smiles.
  Merry Christmas
Merry Christmas



What to do with All Those Beeswax Tree Ornaments


What to do with Beeswax Tree Ornaments?   Seems pretty obvious doesn't it?
But our customers came up with some unique ideas...  

(This conversation started after putting our New Bulk Packs of 24 small and 12 large ornaments on sale - 30% Discount off of 6 pack price)

+ Of course the number one reason was to decorate your Christmas Tree.

+ Place settings - the gold cord on the decoration was used to wrap the napkin together - Use for Christmas Dinner.

+ Wrapping party gifts - add as a decoration.

+ Christmas Handouts to postman, UPS etc.

+ Hang on Mantle for Holiday Decorations

What Ideas do you have - send In a unique idea and I will send you a 6 pack of ornaments. Contact us here...


Fragrance Candles - On Sale


Take an Additional 10% Discount
on List Price of ALL Fragrance Candles
(caselot or single units)

Our Beeswax Jelly Jar Fragrance Candles are an economical container candle in a 4 inch tall, 1/2 pint size tapered jelly jar.

beeswax pint container glass fragrance candle

1/2 Pint - Beeswax Fragrance Candles  (List Price - $13.75 each)

Purchase a mixed case of 12 (SOME OF EVERYTHING) 
(List Price - $150 - $12.50 EACH)

Click here to order...


Burn time is about 30 hrs. Comes complete with a gold metal lid for storage. Most of them are scented with fragrance oils. We use these a lot in our house - I like cabbage, fish and other smelly foods and these fragrance candles can help mask the scent!
Available in:
  • Natural Scent - Unscented - The natural scent of beeswax.
  • Bayberry - Typical Bayberry fragrance.
  • Cinnamon - Strong cinnamon scent - great for kitchens!
  • Floral Blend -  A blend of honeysuckle, lilac and lavender.
  • Holiday/Evergreen - This traditional Christmas scent of Balsam and Cinnamon can be enjoyed any time of the year. You’ll love the earthy aroma as it lingers, leaving your home smelling fresh and inviting.



Golden Honey Soap

We just received a large order of soap from our Colorado Soap maker, Laurie Teason (Sweet Cheeks Company).  All of her soaps are Organic.
Our other soap maker (Susan Grieves of SAP)  is from Oxford, Michigan - a few miles from us.

Our soaps are all hand made without the synthetic dyes and fragrances that are in most commercial soaps.

They are made from vegetable oils using a centuries old process called the cold batch method which retains the skin softening effects of natural glycerine.
We carry soaps in  7 different scents - $7.25 each bar or  3 or more bars for $7.00 each.


We thank you very much for your business and wish you a Merry Christmas Season!

Bill & Pat Schnute
Honeyflow Farm

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