Cayuga White
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A White Wine Grape
Similar Varieties: St. Pepin, Niagara, Seyval

Cayuga - Geneva White #1 white wine grape


white grape drawing-s  Ripens Mid September  --  Very popular grape for white wine, the clusters yield a lot of juice.



whitewine-s  Usage Notes  --  Wine, juice

The Cayuga White Grape makes a soft, light fruity, crisp semi-dry (or dry) wine that is extremely palatable to most white wine connoisseurs. Often subtle flavors of apricot, melons, or peach can embody the wine.

Reminiscent of "traditional", more well-know wines such as the Sauvignon Blanc, Pinot Grigio, or a "light" White Riesling, Cayuga White makes a very nicely balanced, pleasant white table wine. It can be served with appitizers, or with any main course that you would serve a light-white wine with.

Early picking is important to maintain the grape’s acidity, fruit character and floral bouquet often associated with Riesling.

Typically, the sugar content from the Cayuga White Juice will be about 16-19 brix. Take a sugar reading before fermentation, and add the appropriate amount of sugar to reach 21 brix.

Cayuga White is usually ready to drink after approximately six to nine months of aging. It has been my experience that the wine actually should be drunk within a year--as the it peaks in quality around nine months. This wine does not age well.

Cayuga White wine is blended with great success with varieties such as Vignoles, Sevyal, St. Pepin, and Niagara to make wonderful table and 'house' wines. Many of the finger lakes wineries in NY use Cayuga White as a main ingredient in the blended white table wines.

Cayuga has proven to be a versatile varietal, capable of producing off-dry white wines, sparklers and, on occasion, even oak-aged table wines.



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white grape drawing-s Variety Info --  

Originally developed in Geneva, New York in the late 1950's early 1960's, Cayuga White was first grown commercially in Upstate, NY in the early 1970's. An examination of the grape's heredity yields a complex ancestry; engineered to withstand the cold climates (down to -20 degrees F), yet artistically developed for its mellow, fruity taste.

The Cayuga White grape is a cross between the Seyval Grape (also known as the Seyve-Villard) and the Schuylar grape. The Schuyler grape is a cross between the Zinfandel and Ontario Grape. As we all know, the Zinfandel grape is a "popular" red wine grape from the California Region. While, the Ontario grape is a cross between the Winchell and Moore's Diamond grape.

It has been embraced by winemakers in eastern states and other frost-susceptible parts of North America. It produces quality fruit and is known for its very large, high-yielding clusters.



questionmark-tiny2-s  Where are the Cayuga vines located in the vineyard?

  • Rows 33 & 34

Each row has about 50 vines.

Cayuga has always been a very good grape to grow, it is vigorous and productive.




whitewine-s    Where can I Purchase Cayuga Wine?

Cayuga wine is often used in blends such as "Simply White" from St. Julien Winery

Please visit our Winery Locator Page to find wineries which make this kind of wine....


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