Bulk Honey Shipped Directly to Your door
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  • Many people have purchased a box with 3 - 5lb of honey (15lb) shipped to their door using a USPS FLAT RATE BOX.
  • We can now use the same style of box to ship a rugged 1 Gallon (12lb) jug of honey!
  • You can also order and pickup the more economical jug right at the farm - or it can also be shipped UPS (if that is cheaper for you)


3 ways to purchase Bulk Honey

5lb a Gallon Jug a


3-5 lb Jugs


1 Gallon 
Heavy Duty Jug
12 lb


1 Gallon Round
Economical jug - 12lb

$59 + UPS Charge
UPS or Pickup




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