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Michigan U-Pick Grapes

A Blue-Black Wine or Jelly Grape
Similar Varieties: Steuben, Buffalo, Concord

price - A Blue-Black Wine or Jelly Grape

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red-grape2-s   Ripens Early September  --  Very popular grape for juice & jelly. Makes a very fruity concord style wine.


redwine-icon  Usage Notes  --  Wine, Jelly, Juice, Table  -- 

An early, blue, concord type grape with compact clusters, flavor is sweet and mildly foxy.

Many people come to our vineyard and want "only concord grapes" to make jelly. Then I tell them the concord may not be ripe yet but take a look at Price. Although some customers only want concord, most people really like the sweeter flavor of Price.

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grapeharvest-icon Harvest Notes -


Ripening Information for our 6th & 7th WEEKEND - 10, 11, 12 & 17, 18 & 19 - October 19 is our last day we are open.

Price has been all picked out.

Click here for a ripening summary and grape prices for the whole vineyard .....



red-grape2-s  Variety Info -- Price. A complex blue hybrid from VPI (Virginia Polytechnic Institute).

For those who like Concord as a table grape, the flavor of Price is a refined version of Concord. The clusters are small, but the Concord-size berries have juicy, tender, very sweet flesh, and skin that is much more tender and less astringent than Concord. Where Concord has sugar of 16 degres Brix, Price can achieve 22 degrees Brix..

Three clusters per shoot is not unusual, either. The vine is productive, with good vigor. It ripens very early, and it's one that deserves trial for cool, short growing seasons everywhere.

Reported hardy to -25 degrees F, with good general disease resistance.


questionmark-tiny2  Where are the Price vines located in the vineyard?

  • Rows 6 & 7

Each row has about 50 vines.

Rows 6 & 7 were part of the original vineyard planted in 1983.

Most customers really like Price as an alternative to concord.




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redwineglass-tiny2-s    Where can I Purchase Price Wine?

I have not seen Price wine sold in stores. It is very unique and most Price grapes go to the fresh market.

It may be included (but not on the label) of many wines that have a fruity, sweeter finish.

Please visit our Winery Locator Page to find wineries which make this kind of wine....


price - A Blue-Black Wine or Jelly Grape
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Vineyard FAQ'S


What do grape blossoms smell like?

Walking through the vineyard when it is in full bloom is a unique experience. The scent is slightly more subtle than other fruits. Each flower blossom will develop into a separate berry...
How do you propagate grape vines?

Grape vines are propagated by taking dormant shoots pruned off during the spring. These 3 to 4 bud long cuttings are planted in garden soil and grown one year. The next year they are ready to plant in your vineyard. They will be the same variety as the vine that they were taken from.

What time of the year should I prune my vines?

Grape vines may be pruned any time that the leaves are off and they are dormant. Many vineyards with huge acres of vines to prune may work all winter, but we prefer to prune in the spring. In the spring, any winter damage that has occurred will be visible and pruning adjustments will be made.

Do Michigan vines need to be grafted?

Most vinifera vines that are grown (such as Cabernet, Reisling, etc) need to be grafted on to a strong rootstock because they are not tolerant of the Phloxera louse, a pest that will kill the vines. Most all vines in California and any vinifera vine grown in Michigan are grafted for this reason.


Do grapes need a frost to ripen?

Absolutely not. There are early and late season varieties, an early season grape left on the vine until frost will be mushy and overripe.
Once a frost hits the vine and all the leaves are burned off, any further photosynthesis or ripening will cease...

How is our vineyard different than others?

I do not know any other vineyard that has more than 20 varieties of grapes and sells 100% U-PICK!

Since we are not a winery we do not keep the premium grapes for ourselves and sell what is left to local customers.

YOU are our only customers!

What is your favorite grape?

We get this asked of us all the time. Which grape makes the best wine, best jelly, best juice, etc. This is very difficult to answer & also varies from season to season. Many of our customers have very different tastes than we do.
My personal favorites as of April, 2007:


Do you recommend oak barrels for winemaking?
Oak barrels can be very useful in winemaking, but they can be problematic and I prefer glass carboys.

Oak barrels are excellent for large amounts of wine such as 55 gallons. The ration of air to wine is just right. When you use smaller barrels...
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