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A Seedless Table Grape

canadice red seedless grapes


red-grape2-s  Ripens Mid September  --  Compact clusters with sweet, medium size berries, flavor similar to Delaware. The ideal canning and freezing grape.



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Canadice is a cultivar of seedless red grape with a bit of a spicy flavor. It is a mid season cultivar ripening about mid-September into October and is hardy up to -20 degrees Fahrenheit.

It is used as a table grape and is described as productive with a flavor similar to Delaware grapes. Also, these grapes come in large, cylindrical, and somewhat compact clusters and are medium in individual size.

We have made canadice wine many times in the past and it is has a very strong fruity flavor.

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Ripening Information for our 6th and LAST WEEKEND - October 8, 9 & 10, 2021


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red-grape2-s Variety Info -- Canadice (NY 45625) is a seedling of the cross Bath x Himrod.

Himrod, a white variety named at Geneva, NY, served as the source of the seedless character for Canadice, Because of this, the level of disease resistance and wcanadice red seedless grapesinter hardiness is much greater than is the case with the other New York named seedless grapes.

It appears that Canadice will perform well in locations in which Concord vines will grow.

The cross was made in 1954, and Canadice was selected in 1962. It has been tested and has performed satisfactorily at many locations throughout northeastern North America.

Own rooted vines are strong growing, and a spray program which will control diseases for Concord vines is adequate for Canadice.

Flowers are perfect; the clusters are large, cylindrical, and somewhat compact. The berries are pink to light red and medium in size. Because of the compact clusters, gibberellin treatment is not recommended for Canadice.

The fruit ripens early, and the flavor is distinctly but not overpoweringly labrusca. Many people have compared the flavor and appearance of Canadice to that of Delaware, a high quality native grape variety.

Canadice is a slipskin, but its skin is tender and edible.

Canadice has performed very well in storage tests, maintaining quality for 4 months in storage with post-harvest sulfur dioxide fumigation.



questionmark-tiny2-s  Where are the Canadice vines located in the vineyard?

  • Rows 16 to 19 & 29

Each row has about 50 vines.

Rows 16 to 19 were part of the original vineyard planted in 1983.

Row 29 was added later as the vineyard grew in size.




whitewine-s    Where can I Purchase Canadice Wine & Vines?

It is probable difficult to find commercial wine made from table grapes although there is probably many of them include in various wine blends.

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canadice red seedless table grapes
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