U-Pick Winegrape Varieties
for making Red Wine

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Typical Red Wine Grape

Frontenac, Foch or DeChaunac

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A Bushel of Red Grapes

Next Stop - Crush and Ferment

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Pressing Juice

This will go in the Carboys

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Typical Red Wine Fermentation

5 Gallon Glass Carboys

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Canadice Red Seedless Grape

Makes a Great Rose' Wine

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Steuben Grapes

Makes Great Red or White Wine


We have many varieties of grapes for red wine in our vineyard, click on any variety below for a lot more details and how to make wine from the

Red Wine Grape Varieties

Marechal Foch Grapes
 Marechal Foch - Early September, Small clusters of black, medium sized berries. Outstanding burgundy type red wine without blending.
DeChaunac - Mid September, Makes a superior red wine with good, pleasant taste, good tannin and color, also makes a nice rose'.
Dechaunac grapes
 Frontenac grapes  Frontenac - Mid September, A new variety, makes a high quality red wine with cherry overtones.   
Labrusca Varieties such as Concord, Price, Buffalo, NY Muscat & Steuben all can be combined in different ratios to make fruity concord style wines. They ripen from early to late September.
Click here for an article on how to make concord style wines ........
 Concord grapes