U-Pick Wine Grape Varieties
for making White Wine

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Typical White Wine Grape

Niagara, Seyval, StPepin, Vignoles

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A Bushel of White Grapes

Next Stop - Crush and Ferment

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Carboys full of Juice

Usually only the juice is fermented

When making white wine.

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More White Wine Grapes

Seyval Blanc

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Niagara Grapes

Makes a Great Fresh, Fruity Wine

This is one of my favorite white grapes, and we have a lot of them.

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St Pepin Grapes

A favorite for German Style White Wine

We have many varieties of grapes for white wine in our vineyard, click on any variety below for a lot more details and how to make wine from them.

White Wine Grape Varieties

St Pepin white wine grapes
St. Pepin - Early September, Very fruity Germanic style white wine.
Seyval Blanc - Mid September, Produces white wine with attractive aromas of grass, hay and melon. A beautiful grape for superior Chablis or champagne.
Seyval Blanc - Seibel 5276 white wine grape
Vignoles - Ravat 51 white sine grape Vignoles - Mid September, Produces an excellent dessert wine, especially when picked late in the season.
Cayuga White - Mid September, Wine is clean, neutral, light, resembles white Riesling, excellent.
Cayuga - Geneva White #1 white wine grape
Horizon white wine grape
Horizon - Mid September, Fruity, clean, tart wine, with good body and balance. A good lower acidity neutral blending wine.
Niagara - Mid September, An old white variety from Geneva, NY Traditionally used for wine and dessert purposes. Niagara juice, jelly and white wine grape
White wine grapes
White Wine - A generic row with many white varieties in it. (Mostly St. Pepin)