Bill & Pat at the Beeswax Candle Shop want you to use our 25% coupon on plastic base tealites. 



We were just delivered a huge box of plastic tea lite cups and wish to share our discount.  Enter the code "TEALITES25" for  a 25% discount on all plastic tealites.  (They are already reduced 5% - total now 30%) Click here to check them out...









We have been Amazon Prime members for quite a while and decided to put our candles on their site.


Only a few selected items are on Amazon.  Check us out at this page...  


Or just go to Amazon and put "Honeyflow Farm" in the search block. 

Feel free to ask any questions about our products on the site, we do not have any reviews yet.





I found some interesting things when looking for beeswax candles on Amazon. 

One major brand name advertised "Natural Beeswax Color" - however they did not have any beeswax in them