Wine Grapes, Cherries and more...

We recently took a trip up North to the Traverse City area and went to the Mission Penninsula.  The area is well known for its agriculuture, in particular growing wine grapes.  The penninula is protected in winter since it is mostly surrounded by water and creates a very special growing environment.
It is well known for growing grapes and cherries, but we also found hops and apples on a trellis.
We wanted to see how the grape vines had survived after hearing lots of reports of winter damage due to the very cold winter of 2013-2014.
Vinifera grape vines (such as Cabernet, Reisling, Pinot Noir) are the varieties grown in California and warmer climates.  Many of them are planted in the better growing areas in Michigan and they make very good wine.  However they are very sensitive to cold weather. 
They are grafted on to hardy rootstock to protect them against the grape phloxera root louse that is deadly to them and many times dirt is hilled up over the graft union to protect them over the winter.
In our vineyard at Honeyflow Farm in Dryden (Southeastern Michigan) we grow mainly French Hybrid grapevines.  These vines are a cross between Vinifera and American Grapes and are usually very hardy.
This past winter we had winter damage on a few varieties, but not the major damage seen up north.
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