Usually most of our honey bee yards have a combination of strong colonies and some weaker ones. 

I like to put comb honey supers on the strong ones and then "crowd them"  trying to get them to make new honeycombs in the boxes.  Making new wax for the comb honey causes the bees to consume more nectar to make wax to fill the boxes.

Normally when we put supers on for extracted honey the combs are already "drawn out" (the wax cells were already made the previous year) and I will put on about 6 or more of them, giving them lots of room to store honey.  With comb honey colonies I only add about 2 or 3 boxes.

Crowding the honeybees is sometimes a balancing act - if there are too many bees in the hive, they may swarm and then no surplus honey is produced from them this year.


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