Large Rear Tire on Tractor Flat!

I was mowing tall grass in the back and suddenly I was being sprayed with black, stinky, RimGard, the stuff they fill these large tires with to give them weight.
If you have been to our vineyard in the fall you may remember seing a lot of metal poles with a bird ballon on top.  I was using one of these poles to mark our property line, it fell down over the winter and I mowed over it.  Somehow the large blade of my brush hog picked it up and threw a piece of it into my tire.
I was not too happy as I knew one of these tires new cost over $600. Fortunately, we contacted Brian Clark in Imlay City and he was able to come out and make repairs to the existing tire for a lot less.
  flat tire on tractor

Our tire getting fixed.
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