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Poll Comments

  • I also use your honey every day!  I have purchased it from the Rochester Cider Mill.  Do you sell it locally during the winter since they are now closed? Ginger Trevarrow        (You can purchase honey on-line and have it shipped or you can pick it up at our farm about 20 minutes north of Rochester Cider Mill)
  • The site is so easy to navigate. It makes shopping simple and fast. I'm a fairly new customer and have been totally pleased with the candles I purchased. The cinnamon scent was perfect for the holidays and throughout Winter. Thanks for giving me a healthy alternative, as I have a life threatening allergy to corn and all of its by-products and derivatives. Thank you!    Lisa Jester
  • I Had problems ordering after giving you my email address when I tried to order. I kept trying but never was able to place an order.  Suzann Davis    (I am sorry for the problem ordering and it has been corrected, It was from a login issue that is no longer used. - Bill & Pat)
  • Nothing better than hand dipped beeswax candles.  I make them, too.  Lots of work but produces a beautiful light and scent.  Keep up the good work.   Karen Rink
  • I want to grow grapes I need to know how to plant , how to prune, what to furtilize with, how high to put the wires to hook the plants to.  Jerry  (You may want to look at our last newsletter for direction)