Installing Package Bees 2016

Package bees were previously ordered and have just arrived in mid April 2016 to add to our wintered over colonies.  Since we have permanent honeybee yards in various orchards, it is very important to have good colonies during bloom time in spring and summer.

The image below shows a stack of them that we are going to install in some of our honeybee yards.  We just received these in mid April 2016 and put them in our barn overnight. We will start installing them in the next few days.

package bees
They come in shoe box sized screen boxes and the honeybees are sold by the pound. You can order 2, 3 or 4 lb packages.  The more bees the better, but they cost more. ($100 each in 2016)
Each package consists of:
  1. The honeybees
  2. A queen in a small box hangin in the cluster.
  3. A can of sugar syup with a small hole in it to feed the bees until they are installed.
(In the image below you can see the sugar syrup can)
package bees swarm