If it's May, it must be Swarm Season

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Yesterday (5-21-16) a swarm of bees decided to take up residence in a stack of stored honeybee supers.  The bees swarm if the hive becomes too strong and crowded.  I think these guys were from a tree in the area.  We will leave them alone for a few weeks until the queen starts laying eggs and larvae has hatched, then we will move them to a more permanent location.





Below is a closer view of the swarm entering the boxes.  You can see some of the bees "fanning" their wings, it is their way a saying "the queen is here, come on in".



Honeybees like Grapes Also!

The Honeybees like grapes too!! This happened a few years ago. A swarm flew over my barn into the vineyard. The air was alive with honeybees looking for a new home. I followed them, hoping they would land soon -- and they did, on a Delaware grape vine.

Sign in our Vineyard honeybee swarm 

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