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Since many people are becoming more unhappy with Facebook censorship and sharing your diaspora logo3personal data - people are moving to other Social Networks such as "Diaspora".  There are fewer people on Diaspora, but it is growing.


Instead of all of your data on a huge database, Diaspora uses "Pods" that are all over the country.  Our pod is  called "Natural News" which is health and farming related.   Our information is only on this one Pod - not spread across the whole world, but our posts are viewed by all Diaspora viewers world wide.

Why do I need to choose a pod?

One of the greatest freedoms Diaspora offers you is the freedom to choose where your personal data is stored, by choosing a pod. Each pod has a different domain name, and is managed by different people on different servers in different physical locations. You're probably used to having no choice over where your data are stored when you sign up to a new social network, so it's likely you've never had to think about this before. Don't worry -- all pods connect to the same Diaspora network, and once you sign up you'll be communicating and sharing with users across all pods, not just users in your own pod. It's really just a question of where the content you share will be physically hosted, as a security and privacy concern.


There is also something called "Aspects".

"Aspects of your life"  
Your life is made up of lots of different aspects, involving different people. Why should your online life be any different? With diaspora*’s aspects you can organize your online life as much as you want and share things only with the people you want to."  (Our site has, family, friends, farm, work etc)


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(just like on facebook - you need to create an account and sign in to see posts)

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Here are some very good introductory links for
getting started in diaspora*:

Getting started in diaspora* - Part 1 – Signing up
Getting started in diaspora* - Part 2 - The interface
Getting started in diaspora* - Part 3 - Aspects   
Getting started in diaspora* - Part 4 - Finding and connecting with people
Getting started in diaspora* - Part 5 - Start Sharing
Getting started in diaspora* - Part 6 - Notifications & Conversations
Getting started in diaspora* - Part 7 - Finishing Up

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Here is a recent post on diaspora* that shows why we like it:

Decentralized Social Networks and Censorship

We’ve all heard of the big social platforms such as Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and many others. These websites dominate the social interaction online. However, it is becoming clearer every day that these are insufficient for free and uninhibited conversation over the World Wide Web.

First of all, one thing that Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Snapchat, MySpace, MeWe, Gab.ai, and much more share are that they are centralized. There is one authority who decides what is and is not allowable, and one power to control what happens with your data. This one power has the ability to silence certain groups and ideas, and let others flourish. It has the power to take you and your friend’s personal information and use it for personal gain. It has the power to control every single person using the service. You are no longer a user of the platform, you are used by the platform. more...

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