Marechal Foch, Frontenac and DeChaunac are our main wine grapes - along with Concord for the Concord Wine lovers. 

+ Marechal Foch - Small clusters of black, medium sized berries. Outstanding burgundy type red wine without blending​. Very good quality red wines have been made from Foch at wineries in Michigan and elsewhere. This variety is versatile, lending itself to both reds and rosés wines.(6 - 400ft rows)

+ Frontenac -
Makes a big, red wine whose aroma and flavor are dominated by cherry notes, with lesser hints of blackcurrant and general red fruit. Other flavors noticed are notes of grass, green bean, evergreen, and even chocolate. (6 - 400ft rows + 8 rows of a Frontenac-DeChaunac mix)

+ DeChaunac - Makes a superior red wine with good, pleasant taste, good tannin and color, also makes a nice rose'.   8 rows of a Frontenac-DeChaunac mix)

+ Concord - Very popular grape for juice & jelly. Makes a very fruity wine.​ Most people like concord wine with a sweet finish. Mogan David has made this type of wine one of their best sellers. (12 - 400ft rows)

8 of our 400 ft Red Wine grape rows are marked "Frontenac & DeChaunac". (Rows 51-54 & 64-67) The South end of these rows are mostly Frontenac (marked with red paint on the trunks).  The Northern end of these rows are mostly DeChaunac (marked with green paint on the trunks).

Although most people just blend them together - the Frontenac has more "Cherry" flavor and some people like to separate them.