+ Niagara grape wine is one of my favorite white wines.  It is easy to harvest (the clusters are big and juicy), and easy to make wine from.  I Think of it as a Eastern version of Moscato.  (AND WE HAVE A LOT OF IT AVAILABLE - 12 - 400ft rows - over 1 acre.)

It has a very nice grapey flavor (think Welches white grape juice) and I like to finish it with a little sugar.  (Sweeten it to taste and use a little potassium sorbate to keep it from fermenting)

+ Another Fruity white wine grape is St. Pepin.  A hardy white grape with some Seyval heritage. A very fruity Germanic style white. Some of our customers have won wine making awards with this grape.  We have a lot of it this year. (4 - 400ft rows.)

+ Cayuga White grape is very easy to pick and make wine from. It makes a soft, light fruity, crisp semi-dry (or dry) wine that is extremely palatable to most white wine connoisseurs. Often subtle flavors of apricot, melons, or peach can embody the wine. It is slightly less fruity than Niagara or St. Pepin. The clusters are large and juice and easy to press. (2 - 400ft rows)

+ Vignoles is a very "solid" white wine grape and more neutral in flavor.  I like to add it to many of my wines. It produces an excellent dessert wine, especially when picked late in the season.  It has a very "tight" cluster and ripens with a golden bronze color.  (2 - 400ft rows)

+ Seyval is another popular white grape. It is one of the most widely planted hybrid grapes east of the Rocky Mountains, producing a white wine with attractive aromas of grass, hay and melon.  (2 - 400ft rows)

A beautiful grape for superior Chablis or champagne. President Gerald Ford has had Seyval Blanc at some of his events in Washington.

+ Horizon is a juicy white grape that blends well with others and is great by itself.The wine is fruity with good body and balance.  (2 - 400ft rows)

We also have a few rows labeled "Misc White Wine"  which has a mix of many of the whites.