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A good place to start when viewing our site is Our Timeline Page. It will summarize what is going to happen next at the Farm.

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Cold winter tempsprobably caused a bit of damage in the vineyard

newe vines to be planted in vineyard

lots of soap left from holidays

easy to buy honey - have a gallon delivered

comb honey - soap


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Fruit and Grape Blends: Tips from the Pros





New Diaspora Social Media Page


Since many people are becoming more unhappy with Facebook censorship and sharing your personal data - people are moving to other Social Networks such as "Diaspora".  There are fewer people on Diaspora, but it is growing.



Instead of all of your data in on huge database, Diaspora uses "Pods" that are all over the country.  Our pod is  called "Natural News" which is health and farming related.   Our information is only on this one Pod - not spread across the whole world, but are posts are viewed by all Diaspora viewers world wide.



There is also something "Aspects".

"Aspects of your life

Your life is made up of lots of different aspects, involving different people. Why should your online life be any different? With diaspora*’s aspects you can organize your online life as much as you want and share things only with the people you want to."



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Honeyflow Farm's Diaspora Page...

(just like on facebook - you need to create an account and sign in to see posts)



Highlights in this Issue:

  • In the Vineyard  - No spring frost this year, planted new seedless vines, finished pruning and tying
  • In the Honeybee yards  - 3lb package bees installed to replace winter loss, Carniolan Queens installed, New information on what is killing honeybees
  • The Beeswax Candle Shop - New 4 inch wide pillars - New Owl pillar