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Thanks for a Great Season

We have finished our season in the vineyard and Pat & I would like to thank everyone who visited us.  The grapes and honey are all harvested, cleanup is under way and the honeybee colonies are wrapped with insulation for the winter. 

 We wish everyone a wonderful season as we enter the Holidays.  Bill & Pat Schnute


A Quick Look in this issue....

Special offers for the Holidays..

Possible honey shortage...

Favorite Wine, Mead and Grape Links

Do you want to become a beekeeper?...    Using honey in Christmas recipe...





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Free Beeswax Tree Ornaments With All Orders

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Christmas Candle Shops

We want to decorate your Christmas Tree with Discount Free Beeswax Candles!


For every $25 of product ordered, we will AUTOMATICALLY include a FREE BEESWAX CHRISTMAS TREE DECORATION!



(Some heavy objects, like cases or gallons of honey are excluded from this)

NOTE - If you would prefer to have tealites, like we have done in previous years, you will be able to do so when you order and check out, just mention it to us in the comments area when you checkout.


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Great Concert coming up on Dec 3 & 5 if you are in our Local Lapeer Michigan area.

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 New Items on our Christmas Decorations Page

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We have Many Decorative Beeswax Candle Christmas Tree Ornaments in various selections.

NEW! Buy a set of 4 Crosses and a Note ($10.25)
NEW! Buy a Huge Bulk Bag of 24 Beeswax SMALL Crosses -  30% Discount  ($28.70)

Buy a Huge Bulk Bag of 12 Beeswax LARGE Ornaments -  30% Discount  ($36.25)

Buy a Huge Bulk Bag of 24 Beeswax SMALL Ornaments -  30% Discount ($28.70)

New 12  inch custom made tapers (along with 9 inch) are available for Christmas 2021.  Take a look at them...
12inch tapers

 News from the Honey Farm


Washington has also affected the price of honey and caused a shortage.  This is what I am hearing from many local beekeepers. The supply chain issue is affecting large Honey packaging outfits from getting their tankers of Chinese honey unloaded.  Many packers are turning to local producers to fill the gap - local honey is in extremely high demand.  There is a possiblity that the cost of honey may be going up.  It has been pretty stable until now.


 Some Really great stories on  beekeepingbasic.com/

honey in Christmas recipe+ Follow Gordon Ramsay’s Idea And Use Honey in This Christmas Recipe - Go to the article...



How honeybees survive winter+ How Honeybees Survive Winter? - Go to the article...




Honeyland“Honeyland” Documentary Entered the Shortlist for an Oscar Nomination!- Go to the article...


+ Want to become a beekeeper?  Here is a good place to start at beekeepingbasic.com/category/beekeeping-for-beginners/...

News from the Vineyard

Favorite Wine, Mead and Grape Links
A great list of interesting grape and wine links - check it out...

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