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The Concord Grape is one of the most popular grapes in our vineyard.  From winemaking to jelly to fresh eating, everybody loves them.  We have more than an acre of them for you to pick.

"Just about everyone, wine consumer and abstainer alike, knows the name Concord. It may have been the first sip of wine to pass the lips of many grapeharvestbeginner wine drinkers. Over 300,000 tons of Concord grapes are destined each year for the consumer as table grapes or unfermented grape juice found in the juice aisle or frozen juice section of the supermarket.

Concord is also grown extensively as a backyard garden grape. Many families look forward to picking these grapes each year to make homemade Concord pies, grape jam, jelly and estate-made wine. " (from Winemaker Magazine)

Location of Concord in the Vineyard

This page is a source for everything you want to know about the concord grape.  It has links to other sites, U-Tube Videos, winemaking recipes and more...




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