A Year in the Vineyard - Cayuga White - Part II  
On these pages you will view images of 3 grape vines from before pruning to harvest.

Cayuga - a White Wine Grape

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cayuga34-3 cayuga34-pruned
Cayuga in row 34 before pruning
Same vine after pruning in late march 2002


This cayuga vine in row 34 does not have a mature top cordon like the dechaunac vine did, although it does have 2 trunks. (We use two trunks to help with winter damage - in case we lose one trunk, we still get a full crop on the other.) Two longer canes are trained across the top wire to develop the top cordon. A few extra 5 bud spurs were also retained.




This picture was taken May 6, 2002. It shows Cayuga buds in the "bud swell" stage. Cayuga starts its spring growth somewhat later than DeChaunac or Delaware and had very little frost damage.



This is a different cayuga vine down the row from our original. The first one was not typical of the row. See how there are not many new shoots and they come from anywhere on the vine rather than on the 5 bud spurs. This is caused by the freeze.
Picture taken on 6/3/02.




Cayuga vine in mid-June



Same vine in late June
Vine is exploding in growth!



The grapes are now in bloom. See the very tiny white petals.
Click here for a series of bloom pictures.






In late July this Cayuga vine and it's berry clusters are almost full size.




September 1, The Cayuga clusters are ripening up. This cluster will be ready to pick in mid September.




Freezing temperatures hit the Cayuga vine in mid October & it quickly returns to just how it was before pruning.


netting1 netting2
Cranking up bird netting after the harvest
gdc1 gdc2
Installing Geneva Double Curtain cross arms late in the year.
frost1 A hard frost in late fall has burned the leaves off of the vines and ended the season for this year. In a few days all the leaves will be gone.