A Year in the Vineyard - Delaware - Part III  
On these pages you will view images of 3 grape vines from before pruning to harvest.



Delaware - a Pink grape for jelly, juice & white wine

delaware-unpruned delaware-pruned
Delaware in row 70 before pruning
Same vine after pruning in late March 2002

This delaware vine in row 70 had only one trunk so we pruned & trained a long cane from the base of the vine up and over the top wire to become a future trunk and top cordon.




This picture was taken May 6, 2001. It shows Delaware buds in the "bud swell" stage. The bud on top is normal and the lower one has frost damage from April.



This is a picture taken on May 31 after the freeze on May 21. It is the same area as the above picture (both those buds are dead now). We can see new growth coming from other areas of the vine.




Delaware vine in mid-June



Same vine in late June
Vine is exploding in growth!



The grapes are now in bloom. See the very tiny white petals.
Click here for a series of bloom pictures.






The Delaware vine in late July is very large and the berry cluster is almost full size.



September 1, The Delaware clusters are ripening up. This cluster will be ready to pick in mid September.




Freezing temperatures hit the Delaware vine in mid October & it quickly returns to just how it was before pruning.



netting1 netting2
Cranking up bird netting after the harvest
gdc1 gdc2
Installing Geneva Double Curtain cross arms late in the year.
frost1 A hard frost in late fall has burned the leaves off of the vines and ended the season for this year. In a few days all the leaves will be gone.