Grape Berry Bloom       
View close up images of a Grape Blossom!




This is a grape cluster before bloom, the clusters are closed.



This cluster is in full bloom when most of the grape flowers are open.
See the small white blossoms all over the cluster



This photo and the email below was submitted by Rick Vanderpool

The white blossoms are actually the anther (produces the pollen) and stamen (white support tube for the anther)… The grape “blossoms” include the petals that are actually a translucent green – see photo attached, and more on my site, the OOGGYWAWA set (OOGGYWAWA is Zulu for ‘cheers’)… At the top of the image frame (one attached) features a fertilized ovary… The heavy dew was cool, huh?

It seems that even most growers have never really seen grape blossoms, so I’m interested in all grape and wine-lovers getting a chance to see the tiny, short-lived, lovely little blooms that I have been fortunate enough to discover and capture photographically… Thank you for sharing – if you wish!

Best regards, Rick



Here each berry has bloomed and set fruit.
The berries will rapidly swell in size




Ther berries are increasing in size (June)




The berries are full size and some varieties are starting to change color. (Late July)