Generic White Wine Rows
Michigan U-Pick Grapes

 White Wine Grapes
Row may contain: Vignoles, Seyval, St. Pepin, Cayuga

niagara white wine grape horizon white wine grape Seyval Blanc white wine grapes



white grape drawing-s  Ripens Mid September  --  This row is a generic mix of white wine varieties.


whitewine-s  Usage Notes  --  Wine

This is a great row for making a good white wine blend. Mix equal amounts of all varieties.


grapeharvest-icon Harvest Notes -


Ripening Information for our 6th and LAST WEEKEND - October 8, 9 & 10, 2021

White Wine is GONE

Click here for a ripening summary and grape prices for the whole vineyard .....



white grape drawing-s Variety Info -- This row is a combination of varieties left over from planting in other rows. It is a good "generic" white wine.

It contains various amount of:

  • Vignoles
  • Seyval Blanc
  • Cayuga
  • St. Pepin
  • Vesta (Vineland 51013 - An un-named variety we received from Karl Baileys Vineyard in Bloomfield Hills - Duing the 1980's) "Vesta" was his name for it.



questionmark-tiny2-s  Where are the White Wine vines located in the vineyard?

  • Rows 37 & 60



whitewine-s    Where can I Purchase White Wines & Vines?

White wine blends can be purchased in Michigan from local wine shops and grocery stores or may be purchased on line.  "Simply White" or "Blue Heron" from St. Julien Winery  is a typical blend of many of the  white wine grapes grown here.

Please visit our Winery Locator Page to find wineries which make this kind of wine....


Seyval Blanc white wine grapes

Seyval Blanc white wine grapes Seyval Blanc white wine grapes