Tales from the Observation Hive

This is our Observation Hive Image Gallery.  Make sure you click on the images to enlarge them and see all the text. 

Every year we set up an observation hive for our Fall Honey-Candle-Vineyard Sales Stand.  We take 2 frames of brood and bees, with a queen and one smaller honey frame on top. and every year things alway go a little haywire.

This year (Fall 2012), we prepared the 3 frames in our beeyard back in the woods.  I found two nice frames of bees (borrowed them from another colony) and put them aside in one of our white "nuc" boxes.  It did not look like enough bees so I shook some more from another hive into the box.   I also shook in an extra queen by mistake.  I found the queen later dead in the bottom - the honeybees will not tolerate a strange queen in their hive.

The next day I took these three frames and put them in the tall brown observation hive and moved them to the Sales Stand.

Everything looked good the first week we were open until Ray called me and said the observation hive was swarming.  I went up to the Sales Stand with some equipment and the AIR WAS FULL OF HONEYBEES!  It is really cool to watch! (Although some of the customers were not as excited as I was) Most likely the bees were too crowded in the hive and decided to leave.

The story continues in our image gallery below.......

swarmbox3 observationhive3

Observation Hive Images

Make sure you click on the images to enlarge them and see all the text.