200 Niagara, Marquis and Lakemont vines were purchased and will be planted in the spring.  The Marquis and Lakemont White Seedless will replace missing vines and also add a new row of seedless vines in the front of the vineyard.  The Niagara will finish the conversion of the Delaware rows to Niagara and also establish a new Niagara row near the seedless vine area.
Frozen pails of crushed grapes!  
Make some New Years Wine!
The pails are NOT PRESSED JUICE, but crushed and de-stemmed grapes, frozen, ready to ferment. They hold about 40 lb (1 bushel of grapes) and will make 2 - 3 gallons of wine.
Right now we have some Niagara and Concord available at $50 each in our freezer.  These are great for wine, jelly, juice or jam.
They CANNOT BE SHIPPED - ARRANGEMENTS WILL BE MADE FOR TIME OF PICKUP, you must select "local pickup" when ordering.
I recently ordered some wine supplies from Eckraus.com and they have some great winemaking articles on their site - here are a few of them: