Mead Group at the Farm


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The Pontiac Home Brew Club will be visiting Honeyflow Farm Saturday September 15th starting at 1pm. Feel free to stop by for more info about the club and fermenting honey into meads. See you then!
                          Pontiac Brewing Tribe - Circa '96





Warm temperatures have advance the ripening of most varieties by at least a week - view our RIPENING UPDATES PAGE...


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Come visit us at the farm when we are open on Fridays, Saturdays and Sundays! 

Please watch for Children and Families when driving in.










New Diaspora Social Media Page


Since many people are becoming more disgusted with Facebook censorship and sharing your personal data - people are moving to other Social Networks such as "Diaspora".  There are fewer people on Diaspora, but it is growing.


Instead of all of your data in on huge database, Diaspora uses "Pods" that are all over the country.  Our pod is  called "Natural News" which is health, farming related.


There is also something "Aspects".

"Aspects of your life

Your life is made up of lots of different aspects, involving different people. Why should your online life be any different? With diaspora*’s aspects you can organize your online life as much as you want and share things only with the people you want to."



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Honeyflow Farm's Diaspora Page...

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