We will start picking grapes August 31 and continue until about mid October.
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We have a crusher- de-stemmer (NOT A PRESS) available for you to use for free. Make sure you bring a pail to take your crushed grapes home in.











U-Pick Grapes

1lb - 19 lbs  1.00/lb.
20lb - 59 lb .95/lb
60lb - 1.5 bushel or more .90/lb.
120lb - 3 bushel or more .85/lb.
200lb - 5 bushel or more .80/lb.
300lb - 7-8 bu or more .75/lb.
400lb - 10 bu or more .70/lb.
500lb - 13 bu or more .65/lb.
600lb - 15 bu or more .60/lb.
1000lb - 25 bu or more .55/lb





niagara05a + Niagara and the other White Wine Grapes

Niagara grape wine is one of my favorite white wines.  It is easy to harvest (the clusters are big and juicy), and easy to make wine from.  I Think of it as a Eastern version of Moscato.  (AND WE HAVE A LOT OF IT AVAILABLE - 12 - 400ft rows - over 1 acre.) It has a very nice grapey flavor (think Welches white grape juice) - Read the article...





marechalfoch06+ Foch, Frontenac and the Other Red Wine Grapes

Marechal Foch, Frontenac and DeChaunac are our main wine grapes - along with Concord for the Concord Wine lovers.  + Marechal Foch - Small clusters of black, medium sized berries. Outstanding burgundy type red wine without blending ​. Very good quality red wines have been made from Foch at wineries in Michigan and elsewhere.Read the article...







crushing a




+ Close-Out Sale on 2017 crop Concord Crushed Grapes - 5 gallon pails. 

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