Now is the time to do a little planning.

How about becoming a "Chandler" and making candles?


We purchase a lot of supplies from - Check out their "Chandler" or "Education" area....


New Custom Made Taperscustom made tapers

We have been asked by various customers about larger custom made tapers and we have finally added them to our site. 


We have developed 4 sizes from 1 inch to 1.5 inch X 9 inch long.  These are custom made and we may not stock the sizes listed, and will have to make them when you order.  


We normally have 3 pairs on a frame but we can only do 2 pair at a time with the larger ones as they swing into each other when dipped and get stuck together.


They are made for a larger antique candleholder. (As that is what some of our customers have told us)


And they are also on sale 20%