Now is the time to do a little planning.

How about becoming a beekeeper and harvest honey from those wildflowers that are blooming?



wrapped hives



Becoming a beekeeper is not hard - This is what I suggest to many people:

So - the bottom line is - get some equipment, purchase some honeybees and become a beekeeper NOW!


What am I doing with my bees this spring?

You can see the picture of my bees wrapped for winter on the right.  About a month ago I went and carefully opened the tops and checked for activity.  At that time my winter survival rate was quite high.  I fed most of them with dry sugar (not the best feed, but usually keeps them alive).


Recently we had another bout of winter and I did notice that I lost one I had in the back (it could not get at the feed I gave it).  This is the time of the year that we sometime lose a few to weak hive, feed and disease.  I am getting ready to make a another trip to the bee yards and feed some pollen patties and sugar syrup.


I have already ordered some 3lb package bees to arrive next month.


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