Spring Pruning CrewIt's Spring Pruning Season!

We started pruning the grapevines shortly before Easter when a group of high school youths are out of school on spring break. 


We are still continuing on the weekends for the next few weeks. 


There is still a lot of reconstruction work on many of the vines from winter damage from a few seasons ago.




Click here for more pruning images of our crew....

Here is how normal vines are pruned...




200 Niagara, Marquis and Lakemont vines were purchased and have been planted. 
The Marquis and Lakemont White Seedless replaced missing vines and we were also able to add a new row of Marquis White Seedless vines in the front of the vineyard. 
The Niagara will finish the conversion of the Delaware rows to Niagara and also establish a new Niagara row near the seedless vine area in the front - they also make a great table grape.
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Thinking About Niagara - we have some Frozen pails of crushed Niagara grapes! (and concord)
Make some Spring Wine!

The pails are NOT PRESSED JUICE, but crushed and de-stemmed grapes, frozen, ready to ferment. They hold about 40 lb (1 bushel of grapes) and will make 2 - 3 gallons of wine.
Right now we have some Niagara and Concord available at $50 each in our freezer.  These are great for wine, jelly, juice or jam.
They CANNOT BE SHIPPED - ARRANGEMENTS WILL BE MADE FOR TIME OF PICKUP, you must select "local pickup" when ordering.
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Below are some great winemaking articles that came my way from the ECKraus website: