Tswarmhings are going pretty good this year at the Honey Farm.  Our loss over the winter was less than the last two years and the new package bees that we installed are thriving.


May & June is the "Swarm season" for honeybees.  That means a hive can get too crowded and decide to leave.  This weakens the hive since the swarm leaves with most of the bees and the old queen.  The remaining hive will make a new queen.  It is great if you can capture the swarm.


We had two different swarms move into a stack of honey supers we had stored by the barn. A few weeks later we moved them to a permanent honeybee yard.


Here is a link to our recent swarming post....


Our main activities in June & July are visiting the bee yard and adding empty honey supers on top of them - hopefully the bees will fill them with honey.

 Gallon Jug a



We now have a new 1 Gallon Jug (12 lb of honey) that can be shipped USPS flat rate.


This can be shipped to your door with shipping included for $72.00


Here a a recent post about  "3 ways to purchase Bulk Honey"





We found a great bunch of honeybee you tube videos:



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