The last few days we were open I had some concord grapes picked, crushed and put into pails. 

Perfect for winemaking, juice or jelly.  $50 each pail.


Click here for more info and to order (They are going fast) ....


crushed grapes


Big news for 2018 -  we ordered some new grape plants for the spring.  Extra Marquis White Seedless for a few more rows and some Suffolk Red to replace missing vines.  We are trying to keep vines in the vineyard that are not as attractive to birds.


Winemaking Activities:  I made some Seyval Blanc, Vignoles white and St.Pepin white this year.  About 5-10 gal each.  Then near the close of the season I made a mix of NY Muscat and Foch - with lots of sugar for a higher alcohol sweet wine.   We tend to use whatever is left at the end of the season for our own winemaking.