The Local Area Honey Market has lower prices this year
Better Wholesale Pricing on our Honey for you in 2018


quart of honey

After many years of lifting heavy pails on top to fill it, battling ants, yellow jackets, honey bees, spills, long lines of people waiting for their honey, confusion, customers finding containers to fill, trying to fill pop bottles and a whole lot more, we are finally retiring the large honey tank at our Sales Stand.
We now will sell honey only in quarts and gallons.
And the more honey you purchase, the better the price.
This is pure Raw & Unprocessed honey from our bees and other local producers in our area. Be aware that it may have particles of natural beeswax left in it since it is not filtered and still has all the goodness left in it. This is the same style of raw honey from our large tank that we have sold in previous years, just sold in quarts.
Please do not bring any containers to fill - we cannot use or fill them.

WHOLESALE Raw Honey Price
(This Special Price is only available
when our Vineyard is open)

1 Quart (3 lb) = $15.00
4 or more Quarts = $13.80 each
12 of more Quarts = $13.20 each
1 Gallon (12lb) = $52.00
4 or more Gallons = $51.5 each
5 Gallon Pail = $255.00 each


This wholesale rate is only good at the Sales Stand when we are open on Friday, Saturdays & Sundays ONLY - through Mid October.

sales stand2