Winery Locator


whitewineOn this page we have links to various wineries that make and sell wine using some of the varieties sold at our farm.  It is always nice to pick some grapes, make some wine and when it is aging, buy a commercially made sample of the wine.  IF THEY CAN MAKE NICE TABLE WINE -- SO CAN YOU!!   This page is only a small sample of the wineries using Eastern Grapes.  If you know of any other winery that carries these styles of wine and should be included here, please let us know. 


"Simply Red", "Simply White" or "Blue Heron" from St. Julien Winery in Michigan is a typical blend of many of the red or white wine grapes grown here.

whitewineRed or white blends can be easily purchased in Michigan from local wine shops and grocery stores or may be purchased on line from:

Michigan laws keep changing regarding shipping wine in from other states - consult theses outstate wineriesabout shipping or visit them to purchase this style of wine.


We do not sell wine or vines. Please go to our resource page for a listing of nurseries.