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We keep our honeybee colonies at different farms (Bee Yards) in surrounding counties in SouthEastern Michigan. We sell Pure Michigan Honey from our bees and other local beekeepers in our area at a few selected Farm Markets, but most of our honey is sold at our Retail Farm Market Sales Stand in September or on line at any time of the year.  The last few years we have been specializing in Comb Honey, and due to the volume of bulk honey sold, sometimes act as a CO-OP, other local beekeepers are also adding to our crop.


In September, the Sales Stand at our Vineyard and Honey Farm is open for a 6-8 week period were we sell Gallons and Quarts at a wholesale price - only available at this time.

(But honey is available for shipping or pick up all year.)


 Come visit us on weekends in September
Saturdays and Sundays only - 9:00 to 6:00

September to Mid October

4939 Mill Rd - Dryden, Michigan 48428

Attention - No Longer Open on Fridays! 

sales stand4


  Our Sale Stand is not very fancy - but we have plenty of U-Pick Grapes,
Honey and Beeswax Candles ready for you

salesstand ray

salesstand robyn

Ray or Bill top photo) will be there to help you.



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Have Pure Michigan Honey shipped direct to your door or pickup at the farm...

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