Seedless Table, Jelly & Juice Grape Varieties

We have many varieties of grapes for fressh eating, jelly or juice in our vineyard, click on any variety below for a lot more details.


Seedless Table Grape Varieties


Suffolk Red - Mid September, A red, seedless, dessert variety developed in Geneva, NY. The large bunches are loose, but the berries are crisp and tasty.


 Himrod - Early September, A delicious grape, one of the finest of the seedless varieties. The clusters are large but rather loose; berries are medium size, oval, yellow and sweet.

lakemont 1a
Marquis is a mid-season, white seedless grape with large, spherical berries borne on large clusters. It has excellent flavor, good cold hardiness.


Jelly & Juice Grape Varieties

 price02Price - Early September, Developed by the Virginia Polytechnic Institute. An early, blue, concord type grape with compact clusters, flavor is sweet and mildly foxy.

 buffalo 1

Buffalo - Early September, Is considered by most to have the highest dessert quality of the early black grapes. It is non "Foxy". The berries are slipskin, juicy, very sweet, spicy, tart and vinous. It makes a "candy-like" ruby red wine.

Niagara - Mid September, An old white variety from Geneva, NY Traditionally used for wine and dessert purposes.


Concord - Late September, The most widely known blue juice and jelly grape in the East.
Steuben, Late September, A blue-black grape ripening shortly after concord. Produces long, tapering, compact clusters that are among the most attractive of all dessert varieties. The flavor is sweet with a spicy tang. Makes a nice red or white dessert wine.


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